// new age influence : enya

“Who can say where the road goes, where the day flows; only time” -Enya
enya on gemsounds.com

You guysss, its true.

Thinking about Enya reminds me of my aunt’s wedding. She walked down the aisle to it, & I helped her tie ribbons on wedding favors with the album on repeat. I honestly don’t hate it. Some brief searching online will show that a lot of people worldwide are still SUPER into her. We can’t blame them; her multi-tracked vocals are soothing as hell. The Irish singer has sold an alleged 80 million albums without performing live! Also – bitch lives in a castle!
enya on gemsounds.com

Notice the parallels in Enya’s “Carribean Blue” & “Home” from Austra‘s new album coming out this summer, Olympia.

Even Grimes talks about her Genesis follow-up inspired by Enya. It seems her legacy is still being heard.

 Enya on gemsounds.com
Enya taking home a Grammy for best New Age Album in 2007. This outfit has Nasty Gal written all over it, no?

Oh, New Age of the 90’s. How we remember you.


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