// artist on view : kristina krogh

We’ve been swooning over Danish artist Kristina Krogh‘s prints ever since we laid eyes on one of her beautifully styled displays. We can all learn a lesson from her print mixing in neutral tones.
Kristina Krogh via gemsounds 1Kristina Krogh via gemsounds 2
Clearly a girl after our own heart, she combines strong contrasting textures (sometimes with a hint of pastels) in a minimalistic manner. We love the way she creates order from the randomness of natural motifs into neat geometric packages.
           Kristina Krogh via gemsounds 3
Kristina Krogh via gemsounds 6

Designer Anna Lund Mortensen x Kristina Krogh
Designer Anna Lund Mortensen x Kristina Krogh

Put those patterns into practice with our Kristina Krogh mood board! Enjoy!

kristina krogh collage via gemsounds
jean paul gaultier palm bag; assembly new york jacquard pant; eddie borgo inlaid spike drop earrings; american apparel high heel bobby lace up shoe; tom dixon scented candle; cameo the label caster top; ariele alasko coffee table; holly stair nails by mei; lowes cacti; alana douvros raw calcite cuff via leif; scout & catalogue sierra phone sleeve


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