// festival : mountain oasis

Sorry for the hiatus, we seem to have been MIA most of winter (oops), but we’ve been on the go since Halloween! & not that it’s stopped, but we’re slowly learning the balance of living in real life vs. virtual life, so thanks for sticking by our sides, GFs!

We’ll pick up where we left off. For Halloween, we went to Mountain Oasis Festival for a day in Asheville, NC. It was their first go, replacing Moog Fest (which has now been moved to the Spring), & was super legit. Our itinerary consisted of Autre Ne Veut, How To Dress Well, Disclosure, & Jessie Ware, nonetheless dressed as Daria & Quinn, of course.

// Autre Ne Vuet :

We started off the night with a very moving performance by Autre Ne Veut at the Orange Peel. Arthur Ashin graced the stage in a backwards hat & harem pants, & was accompanied by a female back-up singer & a drummer, also looking just as effortlessly cool. Ashin, with a degree in psychology, is diagnosed with severe anxiety, hence the name of his latest release.
Autre Ne Veut via gemsounds
What we witnessed was a very honest display of clear pleasure & pain; odes to lovers, heartaches, & self loathing, not only through his lyrical content, but through his unpredictable movements – at one moment strained pacing across stage, the next crouched & singing with his back towards the crowd, & then stopping to seemingly make eye contact with every person in the audience with his arms outstretched. I remember thinking, ‘Are you mad at us?’ but then found myself feeling self-important & realized that he probably rightfully was. His performance had immediate emotional resonance, & took us back to a time of 90s ballads, especially with his formidable falsetto, piercing yet pitch perfect, with nods to the Queen Whitney in his r&b-influenced electronic tracks.

// How To Dress Well :

How To Dress Well (friend of ANV) followed with an absolutely mind blowing set, exceeding any expectations we may have had. Tom Krill was accompanied by only two microphones, a pianist, & a cellist, bathed in the light of the eerie images projected behind him. The vibe was very relaxed & intimate, as between each song his banter was not only banter, but actual conversation with the audience. Pillow talk, if you will. He told us of us sexual desires, learning to love, dealing with loss – which is all reflected in his cooing falsetto combined with minimalist r&b beats.
How To Dress Well via gemsounds 1
As if he hadn’t already won us over with his perfect outfit (ahem, dressy sweatpants), perfect vocals, & a perfect peek at his most vulnerable feelings, he then covered R. Kelly’s ‘I Wish’. SWOON. Definitely a must see.

// Disclosure feat. Jessie Ware :

We ended the night with Disclosure in a packed out stadium – not as intimate as the as the previous venue, but exactly the dose of adrenaline we wanted to wrap up the weekend. Not to mention a highly anticipated ‘surprise’ performance from our girl Jessie Ware. The heavy bass vibrations, laser lights, & copious amounts of sweat felt very Berlin.
Disclosure via gemsounds 4
The young English duo, Howard & Guy Lawrence, have to be commended for their use of live instrumentation. They stayed parked at their podiums at opposing the ends of the stage, but still managed to have the entire audience bouncing in unison throughout their entire set. Between them was a totally mesmerizing giant LCD display with the signature Disclosure face outline (very reminiscent of 1984). But once Jessie took the stage in her crop top, tight high-pony, oversized hoop earrings, & high-energy dance moves, we were done for, leaving empowered & ready to take on the world. In heels.
Disclosure feat Jessie Ware via gemsounds

We look forward to next year!


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