// rewind : NYE

So we threw a re-do of New Year’s Eve party with one our favorite ladies around, Ayoka Lucas of stylePublic. This provided a second chance to ring in 2014 with the people you didn’t get to the first go ’round, or just an excuse to lock lips with that rando that’s been on your radar at the stroke of midnight.

If you have to ask, we made some cute ass decorations (including pompom headbands for the hostesses), had some cute ass guests, & some cute ass DJs on the turntables (ghost city dj mash-ups galore!). A big thank you to The Royal American, Mummbls, Black Olive, Landon, Lexa L’Terra, Ayoka (the queen of Charleston), & especially to everyone who came out that night & celebrated with us. Our hearts are full!

Landon Neil captured the photobooth moments – here are some of our favorite shots from the evening. We highly recommend listening to this mix by Black Olive whilst scrolling:

gemsounds 3 gemsounds 1gemsounds 6stylePublic x gemsounds 3IMG_2419
IMG_2407 IMG_2412 IMG_2417 IMG_2397 IMG_2434 IMG_2440 IMG_2467 IMG_2481 IMG_2472 IMG_2476 IMG_2489 IMG_2518 IMG_2557 IMG_2538 IMG_2562 IMG_2573 IMG_2578  IMG_2543 IMG_2596 IMG_2603 IMG_2594 IMG_2605 IMG_2612 IMG_2622 IMG_2627 IMG_2731 IMG_2649 IMG_2634 IMG_2737 IMG_2785 IMG_2448 IMG_2442
IMG_2437 IMG_2638
stylePublic x gemsounds 2 stylePublic x gemsounds 1 Kenneth 1 Kenneth 2 Justin's butt Jessie & Camy Ayoka Camy

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