// artist on view : timothy pakron

We would just like to take a moment to admire the hauntingly beautiful work of our friend, Timothy Pakron, who currently resides in NYC.

His obscure, unorthodox technique of presenting his subjects in motion in this series gives the viewer insight into the moment the photo was taken. To us, the portraits illustrate the shortfalls of conventional photography as a fixed image, & the difficulty capturing the essence of someone’s being.

This we can attest, as we’ve never had our essence fully captured (see: awkward faces the moment a camera is pointed our way).

timothy pakrontimothy pakron timothy pakron timothy pakron timothy pakron

“My work investigates the contrast & compliment between the disciplines of photography & painting. Historically, photography is reality- an accurate reference. Painting is interpretation, subjective & emotive. This series of portraits breaks with a traditional formality, & explores movement & energy as translated by the artist’s hand. The image of the individual is manipulated in an effort to emphasize the flux of human relationships. The interpretation transcends mere documentation: it is a personal & intimate impression of lives that have influenced my own.”



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