// art basel : miami 2014

Surprise, we went to Art Basel again! Sadly, we did not return with any art but we did come back with a slight tan (or maybe we were just dirty?) & some semi-decent photos, when we remembered to take them… We promise to be better bloggers in 2015. Meanwhile, here’s a look into how we spent our highly anticipated trip!

On our way down we stopped at Thrift City outside of Miami where we saw God & he blessed us with mini skirts & a vintage Karl Lagerfeld silk blouse. We got mistaken for Spanish girls & went on our way.

2014-12-04 16.35.49-2

We drove into Miami & went straight to Pérez Art Museum to their 1st anniversary party / Kelela & Future Brown showcase – by far the best night of the trip! We had to sacrifice seeing FKA Twigs for this but #noregrets. Much love to Twigs, but you’ll soon learn why.

Kelela opened up the night in front of the waterfront museum facing Biscayne Bay. There were massive columns of hanging ferns, a fair share of yuppies, plenty of cool kids in flatforms, & copious amount of complimentary Red Bull to be had. She commanded the stage in a sheer maxi dress & looked like a goddess amongst the smoke & lights, per usual. Her performance did not disappoint, either.

via World Red Eye
via World Red Eye

Then followed producer collective, Future Brown, comprised of members of Nguzunguzu, J-Cush, & Fatima Al Qadiri. Their subtle yet heavy hitting multidimensional DJ style can only be described as non-other than ‘future club’. Basically what we’re trying to convey is they are the definition of effortlessly cool, even down to their outfits. Asma, for instance, was wearing a silk Chinese dress & ‘pink foam’ Nike Air Foamposites. Top that.

via Getty Images
via Getty Images

The musem’s façade was used to project the premiere of the PAMM-commissioned music video ‘Vernáculo’ from Future Brown’s album debuting in February of 2015. In addition to Kelela – Total Freedom, Ian Isiah, & Maluca all appeared as guest performers during the set. 

While they were on, it was only appropriate that there were acrobats/superheroes (also in cool outfits) defying gravity with water jet packs (also known as ‘Flyboards’) throughout the entire performance, choreographed by DIS Magazine. How Miami of them. This may be old news to you, but we were very impressed with these air segways.


One of the fairs we checked out was Design Miami, which is more focused on contemporary architecture & design. Our favorite installation, ‘Thinning Ice’, was a Swarovski commissioned collaboration with architect Jeanne Gang & photographer/environmentalist James Balog. The concept was a call for awareness of the deterioration of the Stubai glacier in the Austrian Alps.

2014-12-06 14.37.37-2 2014-12-06 14.36.59-2

We also went to NADA‘s fair (New Art Dealers Alliance), which is a non-profit collective for young, contemporary artists & galleries, held at the Deauville Beach Resort. Definitely one of our favorite satellite fairs, & it’s free!

We always seem to be drawn to the South & Latin American galleries. Maybe we can relate to the colors & opposite-of-pretentious gallerists..

Proyectos Ultravioleta / Guatemala City
Proyectos Ultravioleta / Guatemala City
Roberto Paradise / San Juan, PR
Roberto Paradise / San Juan, PR

Barry McGee was also spotted at NADA, signing fans’ Beats Pill in the lobby & Print All Over Me debuted amazing special artist-designed work!

Aqua is another one of our favorite art fairs. A little more casual & approachable, it’s set in a small boutique hotel with each room hosting a different gallery. The vibe is very relaxed, with a hot tub to soak your feet in & usually a live surf rock band or DJ + cocktails to make for a fun & chill start to the night.DSC_0020-2 DSC_0021-2
We could’ve been totally satiated after seeing these lawn furniture sets by Edra Soto, but alas, we kept going..
DSC_0022-2 DSC_0025-2 DSC_0029-2

We were over the moon when we found out Petra Collins was having her book launch for Discharge, as well as an exhibition she curated called ‘Literally Bye’ (to male validation) at The Standard during Art Basel! Literally Bye featured the works of Julia Baylis, Mayan Toledano, Carlotta Kohl, Kristie Muller, & ‘Not Suitable For Twerk’ performance by Alexandra Marzella.

Dresses by Julia Baylis & Mayan Toledano of ‘Me and You’

2014-12-05 20.26.34-2 2014-12-05 20.26.15-1-2

Carlotta Kohl
Carlotta Kohl

We also went to Untitled (our favorite fair from last year) with a continued theme of conceptual rainbows & textile art, Scope, with a continued theme of reflective, shiny surfaces, saw James Blake at YoungArts, Mykki Blanco at Basel Castle, accidentally went to a movie-level strip club & ‘Liz Lemon-ed’ (coining this term, FYI), had a lot of insane Uber driver experiences, ate many glorious sandwiches at La Sandwicherie, explored Wynwood, missed Erykah Badu, ventured into Little Haiti for a party with Prince Rama (after long delays of traffic on I-95 due to protests which we applauded), went to a Gayletter party with a lot of misplaced straight men, saw some obscure celebrities, found our new favorite bar Gramps, probably a bunch of other stuff we can’t remember, & lastly, wrapped up the trip with a visit to the Mondrian for the beautiful Jen Stark & Misaki Kawai Teepee Project:

2014-12-07 21.09.44-2

Now we’re back to wearing pants & brisk weather, but are already daydreaming about next year!



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