// artist on view : ex hex

exhex5So this was a good year-starter. We got to see Ex Hex earlier this month thanks to our friends of the amazing Revival Entertainment Co.! REC is “a group committed to the promotion, planning, & execution of fun, engaging, & challenging music happenings in Charleston, S.C.” A+++

Ex Hex’s first album RIPS was included on the Pitchforks’s AND Sounds Opinion’s Best Album of 2014. We’ve been pumped about their 70’s power pop/rock sounds ever since we saw the video for ‘Hot & Cold’, starring Ian Svenonius!




Check out the new video for our favorite song on RIPS, ‘Don’t Wanna Lose’:

Because we are extra nerds, here’s this .gif we made of guitar/bass shredding:


We’d like to conclude this post with a quote from Elizabeth Barker of the blog Strawberry Fields Whatever in their Favorite Things of 2014 post: “My last Thing of 2014 was this thing Mary Timony said when Ex Hex was on WFMU in November. She was really tired & the DJ acknowledged her tiredness & Mary said something like ‘I feel like I’ve been in a war, like a rock & roll war.’ My point about that is I want to be a soldier for Mary Timony.”

We, too, want to be soldiers for Mary Timony.


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