// charleston fashion week : 2015

We made it through yet another CFW, which basically just feels like one is living in an alternate dimension filled with fashion & free cocktails & nightly parties for a week. The energy in Charleston is like no other time of year; the featured talent is inspiring, the volume is turnt up, & all the divas are out to play.

We made a lot of new friends & saw a lot of amazing fashion from the Emerging Designers, but we did also face some challenges, of course. Such as contemplating the mystics of proper clutch-holding, wearing bug spray whilst still smelling straight out of a rosewater bath, proper posing in street style pics (which we love/hate), & eating foods.

Here’s a recap of our favorite runway looks! All images c/o L.E. Sykes via Charleston Shop Curator.

Brooklyn based designers Andie Enomoto & Taylor Kaclik presented our favorite collection this year, Scapes: A Collaboration Between Land & Sea. With relaxed, modern silhouettes, rich marbled prints, cocoon shapes, leather bags, & white casual shoes, it was a breath of fresh air leaving us obsessed with their clean aesthetic.
CFW-1396_ThursRunway CFW-1383_ThursRunway CFW-1389_ThursRunway CFW-1402_ThursRunway CFW-1410_ThursRunway CFW-1417_ThursRunway CFW-1429_ThursRunway

Charles Harbison, originally from North Carolina, is a Brooklyn-based designer & the creative director of his own brand, HARBISON. We of course can’t fail to mention he has dressed the Queen B as well duchess, Solange, & we feel so honored to have seen his runway presentation. His SS15 collection combined powersuits of the 1980s & with the androgynous sensuality of the 70s, while still maintaining a modern appeal with feminine embellishments. No pussy bows here!

via Getty Images
Panache Allstars HoudiniPanache Allstars HoudiniPanache Allstars HoudiniPanache Allstars HoudiniPanache Allstars HoudiniPanache Allstars HoudiniPanache Allstars Houdini

Anna Toth, last year’s winner, also hails from North Carolina, where she creates her sustainable brand, Bow + Arrow. Her collection comprises bold, wearable pieces with American-sourced fabric choices.

Panache Allstars Houdini Panache Allstars Houdini Panache Allstars Houdini Panache Allstars Houdini Panache Allstars Houdini

Carlos Campos, an impeccable menswear designer from Honduras to NYC, blew us away with his subtle mixing of dark tones & unexpected tailoring details. Notice the understated face silhouette created with seaming details on the structured bomber jacket! Not to mention we totally fell in love with his team of assistant designers, aka our long lost brothers. (Also, can we just have that sweatshirt?)

CFW_SatRunway-5170_SatRunway CFW_SatRunway-5151_SatRunway CFW_SatRunway-5132_SatRunway CFW_SatRunway-5065_SatRunway CFW_SatRunway-5102_SatRunway CFW_SatRunway-5118_SatRunway CFW_SatRunway-5096_SatRunway

Aforementioned brothers in the VIP Lounge.


We came, we partied, then we slept for a week. Until next year!

View pics from our after party ~*Crystal Visions*~ here.


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