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Hundred Waters’ latest release, The Moon Rang Like A Bell, has been carrying us through 2015. We are fortunate to hear & see a lot of music, plenty of it electronic, that isn’t necessarily well crafted but it’s an easy listen – comparable to junk food, perhaps. Hundred Waters on the other hand satiates our need for substance with a sound that is refreshing & distinct. Don’t get us wrong, they’re plenty catchy, but that’s definitely not their endgame.

Nicole Miglis, a trained pianist, has the added bonus of the most enchanting & magical voice. Without relying on affectation, her voice takes you out of your world, grounding itself somewhere between Sade & Iceland. Having played music together for quite some time, their overall composition is complex & thoughtful, with unexpected (yet smooth) changes & odd time signatures, which make for utterly beautiful music. Having said this, we couldn’t miss them before their tour made its way to Austin for SXSW, so we took a quick road trip to catch them in Georgia. The performance was a visual delight, well equipped with a light show at The Earl, a cozy venue in East Atlanta.

First & foremost, let’s bring your attention to Miglis’s amazing, graphic, we-want-to-live-in-this jacket. She enters with this amazing quilted coat, set off by the band’s pink & purple said ‘light installation’. Exhibit B, her chunky white heels reminiscent of our middle school Delia*s dreams. Finally, the white fringed ensemble beneath the coat that moved just the way we imagine her voice probably would if it were a tangible thing. Like fringe in the wind. Angelic white fringe.
DSC_0184-2 hundredwaters hundredwaters7 DSC_0208

Fellow bandmates may not have been wearing amazing future clothes from outerspace (they’re dudes), but they provided just as much mystique with pillowy synths, unpredictable guitar & bass solos, & amazing energy. They played all the songs we wanted to hear, as well as an anticipated encore of ‘Xtalk’ – which we quickly learned that said out loud is actually pronounced ‘Cross Talk’ for all you fellow dummies out there.

DSC_0192 DSC_0221 DSC_0196 hundredwaters6

Now that they’ve relocated from their homestate of Florida to LA & are signed to Skrillex’s label, OWSLA, Hundred Waters rolled out in style in a very official tour bus. Not to mention their song ‘Show Me Love’ premiered in a Coca-Cola commercial during this year’s Superbowl, so we’ve got some serious feelings that they’re about to blow up, & are so glad we had the opportunity to see them when we did! We danced, we cried, & we bought merch! Well worth the trip to Atlanta.


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