Month: July 2015

// the initiation : bonanza sf

initiation1Taking place in ‘Com Francisco’ in 2030, The Initiation is collaborative film made by Conrad Guevara (my bro!💕) Lindsay Tully, & Lana Williams who exhibit together as Bonanza.


Bonanza centers around ideas of abstraction, questions of authorship, & dismantles the ideas of the heroic artist. Their most recent exhibition took place at 100% in the vibrant Mission District. For their premiere at the non-traditional gallery space, they described their film as:

30% hiding behind a cold gaze of screens/screams

20% are you worthy?

18% cum n’ get it

16% link up with more blue blood

6% only an entity

6% drink this

4% eat this

We love the soundtrack (featuring remixes like Bey & La Roux), Meredeath’s crazy eyes, & also the future ease of texting😜. Meredeath, played by Andrew Sheets, is invited to link up, or be initiated into a secret society; one of many elitist enclaves of the future. When rejected, Meredeath goes full blown crazy on the blue bloods of the Spooky Society, which falls stylistically somewhere between yoga cult & Google health goth, with the bold colors & carefree vibe we associate with Bonanza. 💙🌀💙🔷💙➿💙🔹🔵

initiation3 initiation4

If you missed the premiere, you can still catch it next Tuesday, July 21, along with films by Sofía Córdova, Bebe Huxley, Sarah Lasley, & PERSIA (w/ DADDIE$ PLA$TIK) at El Rio in San Francisco.