// artist on view : savannah rusher

Our very talented friend, Savannah Rusher, creates beautiful items with a tropical leitmotif that we simply want to have. We previously covered a self-published book called WET, which was a collaboration between Rusher & another hyper-talented friend, Reba, under the name Jasmine Reef but we clearly can’t get enough of her perfect aesthetic.

Her home in California has suffused her work in a way that makes us want to pack up & move. These are risographs, printed at Colpa Press in San Francisco, are a strong example of why.

About the series:

The images themselves are a nod to Postmodernism & are fun but secretive. I love how coy that movement was – simple abstractions muting a lot of the details, leaving you with bright colors & ambiguity that is really sassy & conceptual. I grew up in beach towns across the South East coast in the 80’s & 90’s, so my obsession with pools, water parks, & gaudily furnished beach houses runs deep. These are based on my young perception of those experiences, which often feels like a secret, because explaining to someone what growing up in Myrtle Beach was like is very difficult. It was wild, for sure.



She recently produced a handmade zine about a road trip that has us day dreaming about the desert, entitled Palm Springs Zine.


interior4 interior2

All prints & zines are available for purchase here.



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