// diy : earbud organizer


Hey guys, it’s almost the last minute! If you’re procrastinators like us, that means its time to get those random gifts for everyone in a stressful blur of lines & Christmas music (we hope for your sake its just Mariah on repeat). Or you can make a cute, customized gift with this super easy & fun DIY in just one afternoon at home in your snuggie – also hopefully while Mariah is serenading you along the way.

Not your style? Already finished shopping? You go gf! ..but you should still probably read on for future gift-giving-occasion purposes.

We bring you the optimalย mix of handmade, easy, & useful: earbud organizers! Good for your significant other’s dad, your bff, your hip grandma, or your co-worker. & make one for yourself while you’re at it! You deserve it ๐Ÿ’

You’ll need:

  • leather pieces
  • 20L snap set (we used this one from Joann Fabrics with a 40% off coupon ;D )
  • hammer
  • scissors
  • leather paint (we used these)
  • paint brush
  • X-Acto blade


  • leather punch set (like this one)
  • rotary cutter & mat


Find something that’s round & about 3″ across to trace & make a template. (We used a measuring cup). Fold in half & mark about 1/2″ down from the center on both sides. Pierce that hole from the template for marking purposes in the next step. Cut out a circle from the leather using your template as a guide. A rotary cutter will make this a breeze, but if you don’t have one, scissors will do!


Mark the holes on the leather. This is where the snap will go.


We used a leather punch tool to create a hole for the snap to go through, but you could also just as easily use your X-Acto to cut a little hole.


Use the directions on the snap package to add snaps to both sides. You can stop here & start wrapping if you prefer the look of plain earbud holders, or…


Use leather paint to decorate & personalize! We used Angelus brand, which is meant for leather & comes in tons of different colors that are easy to apply.


Some inspiration: this cute zodiac print for your mystical bff, a cactus print for your most rustic bestie, tiny Cheetos for the snack enthusiast in your life, etc. etc. This part is really fun!

Other ideas include aย simple monogram for your relative that insists all of their things should be clearly labeled, chevrons for the basics, or polka dots! Stripes are also always a winner; really anything goes. Just be sure that if you’re not doing an all-over pattern, that what you paint is closer to the snap for visibility once the circle is folded for cord organizing use!

High-five! You win gift-giving this year with your thoughtful, handmade, & actually useful gift!
Happy Holidays! x



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