// live music : july roundup

We’re always thirsty for fresh music, & we’ve been fortunate to see a lot of new artists at home this summer – so much so that we wanted to share our highlights over the last month!

Somehow there wasn’t a ton of hype leading up to this show, but when our friend & guest blogger (with inimitable musical taste), Zach Reader, came from another state to see Boogarins perform at The Royal American, our destiny was written. A quartet of baby boys, this Brazilian psych rock band hypnotized us with hazy musical textures & clouds of reverb. Think Tame Impala meets early Mars Volta but all sang in Portugese, i.e. Caetano Veloso 🔥

After our dear friend (& style icon) Kelly Rae told us about her interview with carpoolparty, we knew we couldn’t miss this performance at the Tin Roof. & we mean PERFORMANCE. This internet-themed party pop duo based in Greenville, SC blend disco, vaporwave, hip-hop, & funk into a genre they call “vapordance”. With threads of ASMR triggering samples & their #vaporwave aesthetic, their amazing visuals, production, & smooth moves set the stage for a perfect dance party (possible pun intended?). We couldn’t leave without a throwback AOL “Love Online” band t-shirt. Branding on point.

We felt like we were in our wee-twenties again at this intimate house show at Makeout Reef, bringing us back to a nostalgic version of our hometown we once knew & loved. Since the location of the Reef is clandestine, you can rest assured knowing that the crowd consists of only those who truly want to take part in the experience vs. going to a bar/venue. This all-inclusive space hosted Don Crescendo, TAYLOR ALXNDR, & our favorite SC gem you’ve probably heard us mention before, Diaspoura. It was the perfect setting to see these artists; so hype & full of loving energy.

c/o of Michael Collier

We are so thankful to have been introduced to Don Crescendo; a local electropop artist who had us SCREAMING at their cover of Cassie’s “Me & U”, among other fun, empowering jams that made us want to start aerobicizing – like the live, dance version of “F Me Up” we’re still singing in our heads. See his video for Neon Heart here.

photo c/o Meredith Wohl

Another synthpop star, Atlanta’s TAYLOR ALXNDR is a queer & trans performance artist, DIY singer-songwriter-producer, community organizer, & curator. Just to name a couple of accomplishments, they co-founded Southern Fried Queer Pride, a queer & trans arts + culture Pride festival & collective, as well as founded SWEET TEA, a monthly queer variety show at Eyedrum Gallery in Downtown ATL. BRB, moving to Atlanta.

They also covered Jessy Lanza’s “You Never Show Your Love” & it was possibly better than the original 🤔 (we love u Jessy!). We highly recommend you check this Out Magazine article that premiers TAYLOR’s video for our favorite track, Nightwork.

photo c/o Andrew Lyman

Last but not least, local hero Diaspoura, who consistently brings us to tears while simultaneously dancing our hearts out with her socio-political driven vocals & dreamy, synth beats & samples. She played the classics, teased us with a preview of her kaleidoscopic new song, & then blessed us with a cover of Kelela’s “Rewind” (the post-Y2K version of “My Boo”/best song in existence, yes we know) & M.I.A.’s “Exodus”. Swoooon.

Hope you discovered some new ear candy here with us, too! See you in August! x










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