// PLUME: new works by camela guevara

Camela here. Last Thursday, my art exhibition, PLUME, opened at the North Charleston City Gallery. This is one component of my role as North Charleston Artist-In-Residence 2017-18 & the culmination of more than 6 months of new work. Last Thursday, December 7 was a dreary, rainy day, & I was so delighted by everyone that braved the gross weather to celebrate with me! For those who couldn’t make it to the opening, here are some install shots.


The North Charleston City Gallery is located at 5001 Coliseum drive, at the corner of the Charleston Area Convention Center & the Performing Arts Center. Although it has an institutional feel, so many people are walking through & experiencing 75 feet of my blobby weird art.




bright. gouache on paper. 11 x 14″ 2017

The show is comprised of 18 works in gouache & mixed media. The gouache paintings are a newer style that I’ve been working on for about a year. I use an acrylic-based gouache that is great for layering & creating these stream of consciousness-type paintings that I use to process the deluge of daily life. I’ve heard them compared to coral & Asian nature paintings, which I totally agree. I keep comparing myself to an oyster, filtering & processing & cleansing myself of the constant stream of bullshit we are currently subjected to.



Fiber art appears in this show, as it is my first love. I was pleased to combine the painting in thicker layers with woven, found objects on wood panel. I’m hoping to work on more fibers this winter, in addition to continuing to explore this painted vernacular in gouache.



baguette. gouache on paper. 11 x 14″ 2017


sun. gouache on paper. 11 x 14″ 2017

plume opening
I really didn’t get a lot of photos at the event, but here’s a sort-of decent image of me, holding flowers from the City (Thanks, Ann!). I made my dress, as I am wont to do, out of a thrifted IKEA bedspread. It’s a pattern from Papercut Patterns called the Flutter Dress. Tassel earrings by Hart Hagerty & handmade necklace by my friend Shannon Donohue!

Also, golden brown angel Dalia made a mix for the opening! It was perfect for mingling with my friends, & injected life to this sterile environment & patterned carpet. Listen to it if you’re in an arty mood or for a refreshing alternative to Christmas music at your holiday party (or, like, whenever…)

If you’re in the area, the show is on view through January 29th!

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