// diaspoura : traumaporn

We’ll stop talking about DIASPOURA when they stop 👏🏾doing👏🏾the👏🏾damn👏🏾thing👏🏾

Yes, this post is much delayed (a girl’s gotta work after all) – but still incredibly relevant! Our bb’s beautiful video for GLISTEN premiered in Nylon Magazine recently ~ a video entirely composed by team of femme, trans, & non-binary people of color.

~XL MOOD featuring our favorite still from the vid~

A crucial theme & general punk ethos driving Diaspoura’s latest EP, Traumaporn, is PAYING ARTISTS FOR THEIR WORK! 🗣️ Diaspoura cannot survive without the symbiosis of their listeners, which means mutual support.

“Here’s a study that was shared on The Verge that says: “In order for the rights holders of an album to earn $10 (the cost of most digital downloads) from Spotify, an individual user would need to stream 10 tracks 1,190 times each.”  Support right now looks like giving a follow or stream, which doesn’t actually do anything but give social capital, which doesn’t improve my quality of life. It’s dramatically changing our lives, especially young artists, & we don’t even have the space to think about how we’re getting fucked over. It’s hard enough for us to even be paid a living wage, afford rent amongst gentrification, & get to work on public transit. So, how do we even have the time & resources & mental capacity to create non-physical art? Hearing the constant demand from followers is sad & traumatic.” via their Charleston City Paper interview


Find Diaspoura’s campaign via Patreon to raise monthly support for community-funded art. You can also Venmo the artist directly (@diaspoura) or cash.me ($diaspoura) & comment with your email & ‘traumaporn ep’ & you will receive the mp3 downloads within 24 hrs!


PS – Our incredible friend Duolan opened up her incredible (& exxtra dreamy) space here in Charleston for one night to premiere GLISTEN last month. I had the honor of whipping up a special mix to open up the evening alongside local DJ heroes Auntie Ayi & Mummbls. Link below  ~ be nice, I’m new!



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