// the initiation : bonanza sf

Taking place in ‘Com Francisco’ in 2030, The Initiation is collaborative film made by Conrad Guevara (my bro!💕) Lindsay Tully, & Lana Williams who exhibit together as Bonanza. Bonanza centers around ideas of abstraction, questions of authorship, & dismantles the ideas of the heroic artist. Their most recent exhibition took place at 100% in the vibrant Mission District. For […]

// exhibit on view : material matters

Earlier this summer I was lucky enough to participate in Material Matters, an exhibition curated by Kristy Bishop, at North Charleston’s Ten Storehouse Row. The show combined works by Katya Usvitsky, Sarah Boyts Yoder, Lauren Frances Moore, Conrad Guevara, & myself, centered on the transformation of mundane materials. Sarah Boyts Yoder’s work & my own were […]